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EPASD Facility Entry Procedures

Procedures for Entering East Pennsboro Area School District Facilities
A double locked vestibule system is in every building requiring the following entry procedures for parents, students, and visitors.
• When you arrive at any of our schools, we ask that you park in one of the assigned visitor spots and not along the yellow curb or fire lane, which is in front of the building.
• Every building will have a designated main entrance for parents and visitors.
• At the main entrance, there will be a buzzer and audio/video system that will enable you to speak with someone in the office.
• At each building, there will be a standard series of questions that you will be asked. If you are not recognized, you will be asked to show identification. If we have no record or reason for your arrival, an administrator will be summoned before entry is granted.
• Once your business in the building has been verified, you will be buzzed into the building vestibule.
• If you have business in the school, you will be buzzed into the office.
• If you are a visitor in the school building, you will need to provide your identification and leave it with the office personnel upon your arrival. When you return your visitor badge on your way out of the building, you will receive your identification.
• When entering or exiting the building, please do not hold the door open for the next visitor.
Thank you for your cooperation. We hope that by following proven safety procedures and working as a community dedicated to our children, we can greatly increase safety in our schools. We ask that you support us in these procedures.