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Please Use the Drop Off Loop

Dear Parents,
Recently, it has been brought to my attention that students are being dropped off from the main parking lot in the morning.  Please use the designated loop for both drop-off and pick-up.  This keeps students safely out of harm’s way.  


Using the parking lot as a drop-off drive through is unsafe and unacceptable for a few reasons: 


  • Students should never walk between the buses. 
  • Cars waiting to drop off are blocking access to parking spaces, including the handicap spots.
  • Cars should never be left unattended unless they are properly parked in a parking space.


We have put a lot of thought into providing a safe and secure method of getting students to school and back home again.  Busing is provided for all students.  If bringing your child to school is your preference, please use the appropriate designated areas.  A link to a map is provided below for further clarification.


Richard Tysarczyk, Principal

Drop off & Pick up Loop Map