• Mr. Teddy Matter, Class of


    Ted Matter has spent the last 50 years of his life helping the youth of the East Pennsboro Community. He has volunteered countless hours coaching football in the East Pennsboro Youth Athletic League.

    Ted Matter, 72, of Enola, Pennsylvania, graduated from Enola High School in 1956. After returning from post-war Africa in 1960, Matter decided there was nothing he would rather do than coach football. After contacting Coach Lee Zeigler, Matter started coaching the Pony’s team in 1960. He became the head coach of the Midget’s team in 1972 and became the assistant varsity coach of the East Pennsboro Area High School’s football team in 1996.


    It takes many people to run a volunteer youth program and a lot of people come and go over the years. Not many people stick around for the long haul, but Ted Matter has. He has been referred to as the “backbone” of the East Pennsboro Youth Athletic League. He has mentored thousands of young men over the 50 years in which he has coached.


    Not only did Ted coach at the youth level, he has spent the last 20 years coaching at the high school level. He volunteers many hours in the off-season, working with kids in the weight room and on agilities in the gym. The football team feels very lucky to have Ted volunteer his time.


    Ted has commented, “My experience coaching has had a lasting effect on my life. I will keep coaching as long as I am able to.”

Last Modified on May 10, 2012