East Pennsboro Area School District

    Business Advisory Council


    Mission Statement:

    All businesses have a vested interest in making sure that we continue to support educational excellence. We invite YOU to join us as a member of the Business Advisory Council as we work together to educate our “world class performers and productive citizens.”

    East Pennsboro’s tradition of excellence is our standard for ensuring that our students have outstanding and innovative educational programs and materials, first class schools, and a nurturing atmosphere for learning. In order to accomplish this, East Pennsboro must fully utilize all of the resources of the community in order to maintain this tradition of excellence.
    In our District’s Strategic Plan, our mission clearly states that the school district works “in collaboration with families, employers, and our community to provide educational excellence, empowering students to achieve their maximum potential and to be responsible and productive citizens.

    East Pennsboro is fortunate to have a caring and supportive community that values education. In order to provide for the diverse needs of more than 2,800 students, we must look to the community for new ways to strengthen our programs!