Over the past few years our district technology committee, which consists of School Board Members, Administrators, Teachers from all 4 buildings, and Community Members, have been researching Bring your own Device (BYOD) initiatives. Our research focused on the pro’s and con’s of such a policy. A BYOD policy defines where students would be allowed to bring electronic devices, and use them in a defined manner and at appropriate times. It also places restrictions on those devices to protect the students, and the school district, from discipline and legal issues.

    BYOD campuses were investigated to determine the educational use a BYOD campus presents to staff, students, and parents. Research from other school districts show that student devices such as laptops,IPads, IPhones, Kindle’s, and any other electronic devices become an invaluable educational tool within the classroom when used appropriately. Along with the educational value, parents expressed the overwhelming desire to have contact with their children, at the appropriate times such as before and after school or during a lunch period. Schools indicate that BYOD campuses have had many positive impacts on student learning and engagement.