Student Withdraw

  • The following steps should be taken by parent/guardians to withdraw students from EPASD to enroll in another school district to ensure a smooth transition to the new school:

  • 1. If you intend to withdraw your student from EPASD, please contact the Student Accounting Office to schedule an appointment.  At this time, parents/guardians must supply EPASD the exact date of withdrawal, their new address and the name of the school that the student(s) will be enrolling.  Parents/guardians must request release of records in writing prior to the student’s withdrawal.  If you require any items for registration to the new school, please request these items when scheduling this appointment.  If your student was issued a Chromebook, the Chromebook and all components must be collected at the time of withdraw.  This includes the Chromebook, power supply, backer board, case and carrying strap.  Any other district property (textbooks, equipment, etc.) must be returned to your student’s school prior to withdraw.  Please bring photo identification to your appointment.

    2. Contact the new school/district where you will be enrolling your student to obtain registration information.  This should be done prior to withdraw.

    3. EPASD must receive enrollment verification from the new school/district in order to officially withdraw students from EPASD.  This must be received in the Student Accounting Office in order for the withdraw from EPASD to be processed.

    4. Until your child is officially withdrawn from EPASD, compulsory attendance regulations apply.  If your child does not attend school, you will be subject to fines.  Title 24§13-1326, et seq.

Last Modified on June 27, 2017