• What YOU Can Contribute as a Business Advisory Council Member
    1. Volunteer to read in elementary school classrooms: It is remarkable how excited students get when people from the community speak in their classrooms. You could be the one to leave a lasting impression on a young student today. Doesn't that sound like a great idea?
    2. Participate in Mock Interviews: Each school year students at East Pennsboro High School participate in mock interviews. This program was implemented for the very simple reason--to practice interviewing skills. Members from the BAC are encouraged to help with this event. It takes one morning of your time, and can provide students with the opportunity to feel more confident when on a first interview for a job, or a college-entry interview. Your help is much appreciated!
    If you are interested in volunteering for the Mock Interview Event, please contact the high school guidance office at 717-732-0723 extension 307.
    3. Provide opportunities for students to shadow you at work: The High School has a program titled, Career Shadow Experience, which is a requirement for all students to complete for graduation. All 11th graders will shadow someone in a field of their interest. The goal of this program is for students to investigate their career choices and engage in meaningful dialogue about their goals with their mentors.  Through this experience, students will also learn about the educational requirements for entry into the field, the work environment, advancement oppertunities, and personal traits necessary for success. By exposing students to the day-to-day operations of the job, we hope they will be better prepared to decide whether this position meets their immediate and long-range career goals.
    If you are interested in being a professional for our students to shadow, please contact Kathy Jones, Guidance Counselor, at 717-732-0723 ext 307 or KJONES@epasd.org.
    4. Provide internship oppertunites for students.
    5. Underwrite the cost of district publications.
    6. Provide resources for cutting-edge programs such as our student-run branch of AmeriChoice Federal Credit Union.
    7. Provide guest speakers and field trips for our students.
    8. Collaborate with the District on community service projects.
    9. Sponsor an annual scholarship to high school seniors in the name of your company of organization.
    10. Assist with resume workshops, college planning programs and/or financial aid night presentations.